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Myart blockchain have invited by Global blockchain wealth summit(Taiwan)

2018-07-30 14:51:08 Myart Blockchain Read

Myart blockchain have invited by The first CADE Global BLockchain Wealth Summit(Taiwan) and make speech for culture and art industry.

On july 28th 2018,Myart blockchain have invited by The first CADE Global BLockchain Wealth Summit(Taiwan) to make speech for art blockchchain . Global blockchain wealth summit(Taiwan)is one biggest blockchain meetup in Taiwan.More than 1000 persons join in that meetup.Almost of them are from Taiwan.



Mr Huijin Liu,president of the global hungmen alliance,have introduce hungmen culture for everyone and hope everyone can carry out hungmen culture for next generation which is highly consistent with development plan of Myart blockchain 




Myart blockchain  bases on cultural innovation that new and high technologies such as blockchain are adopted to improve the problem in the art industry and promote the development of the global cultural industry.Revolutionizing culture and art industry with a sharing economy powered by blockchain technology,we offer one stop service fully integrated upstream and downstream industry culture art circulation system through track System ,appraise System ,bid System ,warehouse System,lending System,security System which can do make more realist and more effect for culture and art industry.



This summit declared the organic integration of the blockchain technology and the real economy which promoted the application of the global blockchain technology and the development of the digital financial capital market, and contributed to the recognition of the value of the blockchain technology in public. The blockchain technology will be applied by more industries, ultimately serving the society and benefiting the public.The global circulation ecology of Myart blockchain cultural artworks was brilliant at the conference. Many Chinese and foreign investors paid close attention to and consulted with each other and achieved great success.








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