Before you start the registration, please read the following carefully. If you click on “Agree” button in the registration process, it means that you fully accept all the terms under the agreement.

Article I Membership 

After you have promised to fully agree to these terms of service and completed the registration process on Myart website, you will immediately become a member of the website and can enjoy the service provided by the website.

Article II  Member’s Rights 

1. A member can enjoy the service provided by the website only via email or cell phone;

2. Any member is obligated to abide by these provisions herein as well as other network service agreements, regulations, procedures and practices.

Article III Member Information 

1. As a member, please provide detailed and accurate personal information so that we can better serve you. If your personal information is changed, please update it as soon as possible. Any member who provides false information shall bear the consequences caused thereby alone.

2. All members shall be responsible for keeping and regularly changing their own registration passwords so as to avoid unnecessary loss. Any member shall bear the loss caused by his/her own negligence. Any user shall be liable for all activities and events under his/her account.

Article IV Membership Cancellation 

If any member is found to have one of the following intentional acts, the website will reserve the right of cancelling the permission for her/him to enjoy the service provided by the website without any compensation:

1. Likely to bring any impact on all or part of the website or damage to the running of the website;

2. Obtaining membership by any fraudulent act;

3. Engaging in any illegal business activities, or publishing any text, pictures and other information involving sensitive political, religious, pornographic contents or breaching relevant national laws and government regulations;

4. Using network service system for any illegal purposes.

 Article V MyartMyart’s Rights 

1. Myart is entitled to check, accept or reject a member’s application for membership, and is also entitled to cancel or stop all or part of the service content for members.

2. Myart is entitled to revise member’s rights and obligations, and is also entitled to modify or adjust the service content of the website.

3. Myart is entitled to notify members of the revised member’s rights and obligations via email. If a member continues to use the service provided by the website after receiving such a notification, it means that the member agrees to and will abide by the newly revised content.

4. The service provided by the website is only available to members alone. Without authorization from the website, no member is allowed to grant or transfer his/her membership number to a third party. If any member breaches the provision, the website is entitled to recover related business losses from the member and reserve the right of pursuing relevant legal liabilities.

Article VI Obligations of Service Provider 

1. Seriously do well in technique maintenance of network and communication systems involved by the website so as to ensure that the website runs smoothly and efficiently;

2. Except for temporary or short-time stop of the website caused by force majeure, if Party B needs to stop all or part of the service of the website, Party B shall publish a notification to members on the website in advance.

3. If the website needs to temporarily stop the service due to system maintenance or upgrade, the website will send a notification to members via home, email or other way in advance;

4. The website will not make any compensation for any actual or potential loss caused to members by temporary stop of the service of the website due to force majeure;

5. The website will not assume liability for any loss caused to a member by his/her losing password.

6. The website only provides relevant network service. Beyond that, any user shall bear all equipment (e.g. computer, modem, and other devices related to accessing to internet) and expenses (e.g. telephone fee and internet fee paid for accessing to internet) related to relevant network service alone.

Article VII Supplementary Provisions 

1. The scope of the above provisions are only limited to Myart website;

2. If a member of the website violates relevant laws and regulations due to breach of the above provisions, the member shall bear all the consequences alone, and the website shall not assume any liability;

3. Please refer to relevant laws and regulations for any problem not involved herein. Where these provisions herein conflict with relevant laws and regulations, relevant laws and regulations shall prevail. Within the scope stipulated by the clause, Myart website reserves the right of final explanation.